WELCOME to Singapore Businesses Network Group

(SBN Group)


Founded by a diverse group of individuals who take heart in sharing ideas and expertise with one another.

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Singapore Business Network Group was founded in January 2009, is a Non-profit business community.

Since then , we have grown to more than 13,000 members spanning over 6 countries,


On the road through entrepreneurship, we understand the importance of partnerships and collaborations.

We aspire to provide the platform for such synergies right here.

We welcome all Business Owners, Self Employed, Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

And anyone who has an expertise, to contribute to the diversity and synergy of this group.

Join us if you are looking for some directions,

Or simply want to mingle around with like-minded folks.

Create a group of friends with strong bonding and trust.

Help people without asking for any returns.

( It something missing in today business world ).

( Do not HARD SELL, WE only want HEART SELL ).

We are the Platform for like-minded to share contacts and build friendships.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Since inception January 2009

5,280 (As on Aug 2020)

Total Visitors

Why SBN Group?

98% of businesses rely on referrals to get new business, yet only 3% of business have strategy for referrals.

  • Exponential growth for your business through referrals
  • Increased exposure to thousands of other business professionals
  • Effective online social networking tools
  • Participation in unlimited networking meetings annually
  • Learn to effectively share about your business
  • Specialised business workshops
  • Leadership Team Trainings
  • Advanced Leadership workshops
  • Participation in business trade events and conferences
  • BE PART OF Disruptive FREE PLATFORM . CROWDSOURCING and Build your business Network with US now

Your 1 Stop Solution

  • In presence , in mind

It is challenging for people to forget you when you keep show up

  • Referral System

Members pass business to each other on regular basis,

even if your own contacts run dry , someone is going to end the drought

  • Effective Networking

Networking should not be just passing and exchanging namecards

We share experiences , stories and business contacts to help each other to soar to greater heights

  • It works

Numbers don't lie , with more than 13,000 members and US$3.46 Trillion Dollar (2019) worth Ecommerce industry,

there is definitely business for you

  • Personal Growth

Grow with your business. With regular meetings and pitches , your networking and presentation skills

are definitely to improve with leaps and bounds

Seeking Ultimate Solutions for your Business?

We are a team of events-related consultants who have band together,

pooling our resources , experience and closeness with each other

to offer complete packages for your business

What makes us standout from other providers of similar services?

  • Our team consists of members who are close with one another, and have work with each other.

It is so much more upper hand than having members who might not interact with one another.

  • Point of contacts are kept to the minimal. Interact with one or two persons,

and information will be shared to rest of team.

  • Our members are excel in their profession, and we do our work with passion,

love, dedication and attention to detail.

  • Our members are one of the most creative in the events scene!

If you want something different that will standout from the crowd, or you have a aim that you’ll like to fulfil,

we do have creative solutions for you at affordable rates

Expand your Network -

Network = Net Worth

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If you are a Business Owner striving to expand your business revenue and network , you are more than welcome connect with us!

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Here at SBN Group , regardless of expertise of our industry , we come together as networkers for a common objective.

To grow our business revenue and build relationships for greater exponetial growth!!

How to get started

Getting started is the 1st step to grow your business to greater heights!

Once you determine your desired service, you can connect with us by Scan QR code or clicking the button below

QR code (connect us)

Our Core Values

1. Philosophy of helping others first

2. Building Business through purposeful relationships

3. Positive Attitude

Our code of conduct

1. We will provide quality of service

2. We will be honest with our business owners and their referrals

3. We will build goodwill and trust among business owners and their referrals

4. We will responsible for following up with the business referred to us

5. We will display a positive and thoughtful attitude

6. We will live up to the quality standard of our profession

Our Methodology

The SBN Group Way.

Visibility + Reliability = Profitbility is the process of how business owners built confidence and gain more businesses.

The challenge with this way of thoughts is that SBN Group is not something you do,

But a lifestyle, SBN Group is a journey you take on.

Success Masterplan

Success here is not a destination but a journey.

It is an exposure business owners enjoy throughout their journey with SBN Group.

The SBN Success Masterplan is simple yet profound.

Its essence lies its philosophy of helpping others first , building on its core values and code of conduct.

Business owners can bring their business to greater heights through SBN's links with service providers.

Our Corporate Social and Community Programme

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Our Collaborative partnerships

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Build Your Network by joining our community links

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(SBN GROUP) SG International Businesses




Together We Successs Global ( Powered by SBN Group )


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SBN Leadership

Erik Tan

Founder and Chairman

Successful serial entrepreneur, business owner and success life coach.

SBN founder and chairman since 2009 and created a business platform, linking up with over 13,000 entrepreneurs

Jason Tan

Event Organiser / Technology Consultant

Helps SBN reachout digitally through the numerous social media platforms

Network with Us

How can we stay relevant and keep ahead of our competitors?

We welcome you to connect with us to make valuable connections and seek partnership for exponetial growth and revenue for your business!!

Name: Erik Tan

Whatsapp: +65 9139 3141

Email: erik.tansw@asiaawesomeaffiliates.com

To register:

~ Click Here or

~ Scan QR code

Boss Erik QR code (v-more)

Name: Jason Tan

Whatsapp: +65 9025 4924

Email: jasontmy1985@gmail.com

To register:

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~ Scan QR code

My Shopzar QR code (v-more)